Monday, September 29, 2008

hello blogging world!

Well... lets see what is going on in the Austin household... Hank and I usually have the least amount of news since Evan is the one who changes the most, but this last week Hank had some news of his own! Hank had to have a semi-emergency appendectomy! Everything went very well and very smooth. He caught it early enough to where the infection had started but it wasn't in danger of bursting. The surgeon said that Hank did a good job coming in when he did. That it made a huge difference in the surgery and recovery. Hank had surgery on the morning of Sunday the 21st, home on Monday the 22nd, and was back to work on Wednesday the 24th. He did push himself a little too much his first day back, but once he came home and had a good night's rest he felt fine for the next day of work. He is getting around much better and has his check-up appointment on Oct 7th. Hopefully he will be cleared to lift more than 20 pounds! It is killing him not being able to hold Evan and it has been some early mornings for me bringing Evan to day care since I am not normally the one who brings him since I go to work before Hank does. Its been a little rough for Evan too because he doesn't fully understand why daddy won't play and wrestle with him, but he is doing a good job listening when we tell him to be careful around daddy. And he is like his mama... not a morning person! I think he will like it when daddy gets him up later!
No news really tops Hank's surgery this week. Evan is getting bigger by the second! He has always been a talker and quite social but even that seems to be blooming more and more each day. He just gets better at communicating and saying more words and "little man" sentences. In fact the other day was the first time he knew enough to tell me that his ear had a "boo boo." Mind you it was 5:30 in the morning and he just held his ear crying "mama!boo boo!" but it was his first time to be able communicate to me that his ear (and which one) hurt!! Thank goodness! Life will now be a little easier!:)